The Visitor Centre

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    The Visitor Centre

    Located at the heart of the city, Bamberg's new World Heritage Visitor Centre will provide an overview of the World Heritage site, including information about what it means to be a World Heritage site, what makes Bamberg significant in the international context of UNESCO. The official opening of the Visitor Centre is scheduled for April 2019.


    Bamberg’s outstanding universal value will be displayed on about 220 square meters of exhibition space. The Visitor Centre will not replicate a typical museum with an in-depth collection, but aims at raising interest in the cultural facets of the city of Bamberg and its historical and geographical parameters. It is intended to sensitize locals and visitors to the peculiarities of the place. The official opening of the Visitor Centre is scheduled for April 2019.

    Pop-up centre

    In 2017, World Heritage Day was celebrated for an entire week focussing on the new World Heritage Visitor Centre that will open in 2019. For this purpose, the team of the Bamberg World Heritage Office temporarily occupied a vacant shop in a historical building at Obere Brücke.The pop-up centre presented sketches of the exhibition design, hosted a series of lectures and events, and offered an opportunity for personal discussions.

    Picture of the pop-up centre can be found here.