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    Management Plan

    Planning tool for the future of the World Heritage site

    Management Plan

    In accordance with the Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention each World Heritage site needs to have a Management Plan, a planning tool for the protection, use, maintenance, and sustainable development of the World Heritage site.


    Work process

    In order to develop measures and recommendations for the management of the property, the following five working groups were established:

    - Heritage conservation and urban development
    - Education and research
    - Urban gardening
    - World Heritage and tourism
    - World Heritage and economic development

    The development of the new Management Plan is accompanied by a scientific advisory council A board of trustees consisting of representatives from the City of Bamberg, the District of Bamberg, members of the City Council and the Government of Upper Franconia supports the development of the Management Plan on a political level. The release of the Management Plan is scheduled for 2019.