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    World Heritage Education

    Using cultural heritage as a teaching tool


    The World Heritage site of Bamberg is relevant not only as a valuable historical ensemble, but also as a testimony of past human life, work, and activities that guide us towards understanding the present. What could be more meaningful than integrating cultural heritage in the school curriculum and familiarizing young people with their surroundings?


    2016 teacher training

    In 2016, the Bamberg World Heritage Office together with Bamberg Centre for Teacher Training (BAZL) organized Germany’s first teacher training conference focussing on World Heritage as an educational resource. Based on locally anchored lectures and hands-on methods the training presented World Heritage as a place of multi-disciplinary learning; not only for history lessons, but for a wide range of school subjects. About 120 teachers from Bacaria and beyond participated in the conference.


    Learn more about Lernorte im Welterbe.


    Under the kultur.klassen programme more than 100 cooperation partners from the cultural sector with financial support from the City of Bamberg offer contents for kindergartens and schools. Some of those modules also relate to cultural heritage.

    Further information on the kultur.klassen programme is available at www.ks-bam.de.


    Educational resources

    The transmission of the World Heritage to future generations s one of the main tasks of a World Heritage site. For this purpose, the World Heritage Office has developed several educational resources.