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    Bamberg World Heritage Office

    The Bamberg World Heritage Office was founded in 2005 and serves as the central coordination body for all issues concerning the World Heritage site. It oversees the implementation of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention in Bamberg. It represents the site nationally and internationally.


    Patricia Alberth


    Diana Büttner


    Hannah Röhlen

    Fachgebiet Welterbebildung

    Petra Klaassen


    Selina Feder

    Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr in der Kultur

    von links: Hannah Röhlen - Fachgebiet Welterbebildung, Diana Büttner - Projektmanagement, Patricia Alberth - Leiterin, Selina Feder - Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr in der Kultur, Petra Klaassen - Sekretariat

    FSJ Kultur

    FSJ Kultur

    FSJ is an abbreviation for Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr (Voluntary Social Year). Since 2017, the Bamberg World Heritage Office participates in the voluntary service and hosts volunteers for 12 months each. The volunteers become part of the World Heritage team. They familiarize themselves with the working routines of a municipal administration and contribute to work of the office. In extra courses, volunteers acquire new skills and knowledge for their work and future career.

    Watch this video following FSJ participant Antonia Heine:

    Further information on the FSJ Kultur are available here.

    Management Plan

    The World Heritage Management Plan serves as a central planning instrument for the protection, use, maintenance and sustainable development of the World Heritage Site. For each World Heritage site, the preparation of a Management Plan is one of its mandatory tasks, in accordance with the Guidelines for the Implementation of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention.
    The Management Plan contains the central guidelines, instruments and organisational structures that are important for the conservation of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Old Town of Bamberg" and its Outstanding Universal Value. It defines the associated tasks and the framework for the sustainable development of the World Heritage Site.
    More information is available on the page about the Management Plan
    Download the management plan for the World Heritage Site "Old Town of Bamberg" here (pdf)