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    National Affairs

    World Heritage as a national responsibility


    Numerous stakeholders in Germany are committed to the protection and preservation of the World Heritage sites situated on the territory of the Federal Republic. The City of Bamberg is involved in the corresponding national working groups and networks. In addition to the promoting the implementation of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention, these working groups and networks foster the exchange of information and expertise in heritage conservation and cultural heritage management.


    World Heritage Teamers

    In order to raise awareness for World Heritage among young people the German National Commission for UNESCO has launched the World Heritage Teamers programme. The programme provides practical insights into the challenges and opportunities related to cultural and natural heritage. In 2016, one of the workshops was implemented in Bamberg.

    Further information on the World Heritage Teamers programme is available at www.kulturweit.de/perspektiven/weiterbildung.

    Welterbestätten e.V.

    The Welterbestätten e.V. is a registered association of German World Heritage sites and their tourism bodies. The association is committed to promoting World Heritage tourism.

    Further information on the Welterbestätten e.V. is available at www.unesco-welterbe.de/.


    German Association of Cities

    The German Association of Cities maintains a working group focussing on the political, financial, and administrative framework pertaining to World Heritage cities.

    Association of Historic Towns

    The Association of Historic Towns was founded in 1973 and deals with urban planning and development in historic town. Bamberg, Lübeck, Regensburg, Meißen, Görlitz and Stralsund are members of this association.

    Further information on the Association of Historic Towns is available at www.ag-historische-staedte.de.